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Class 11

Mr Singh

Class 11

In history, we have have been all about the Mayans.


Here are some of the amazing facts we have found out: 



The Maya lived in Mexico and parts of Central America. They lived in places such as Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Yucatán Peninsula and El Salvador.


60 cities were built by the Maya.


The Maya were very clever and invented lots of things! This included their own calendars, farming methods, writing systems, sports and religion.


One of their main talents was building. They built so many things such as palaces, pyramids, ceremonial structures and temple observatories. This was really impressive as they didn’t have metal tools.


The Mayans had a writing system where they used hieroglyphics. Hieroglyphics are signs that make up sounds and words. There were up to 800 glyphs in their writing system.


The Mayan diet consisted mainly of maize which they planted by clearing trees out of the way. They planted maize just before the rainy season began so their crops would grow quickly.