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Year 3 Admission

Our admission number is 90. (based on our Net Capacity Assessment)

Whitehall Junior School is part of the co-ordinated admission

arrangements with Walsall Council and whilst most of our intake

come from our feeder school – Whitehall Infant and Nursery School

– admission is not automatic for these children and all parents

are required to make an application through their local authority.


Applications for admission to Year 3 should be submitted online by

parents to their home authority (the authority you pay your council

tax to). Parents will be able to list preferences for up to three

schools in their Walsall application and rank them in order of



If a child does not meet the admission criteria for any of their

parents preferred school then Walsall Council will allocate a place

at the nearest alternative school with vacant places.

Mid-Year Admissions

Mid year admissions are managed by the local authority and

individual schools do not hold waiting lists. If you wish to apply

for a place at Whitehall Junior School please apply directly to the

Walsall Admission Team.