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Welcome back to all of you! It’s lovely to see so many smiling faces and I hope you all had a good rest over the holidays.

A warm welcome to our new Y3 children, they seem to have settled in well and have already started working hard.

I have been asked to clarify our procedure with regards to School Meals at Whitehall Junior as there seems to be a bit of confusion. The government have put into place that children up to and including Y2 are entitled to a free meal at lunchtime. However, from Y3 Parents and Carers have to pay for school meals. Pupils need to bring in the money for their school meals preferably on a Monday. Pupils can still bring in a packed lunch or go home for lunch.

If you think you are entitled to free meals from Y3 onwards you need to apply to Walsall Council and if you are successful you will be given a letter. We need to see that letter BEFORE your children will be given a free meal. We cannot apply for you.

Please understand that it can be very confusing for the children and the kitchen staff so we need your cooperation with this. If you pay for School Meals please bring in the money and if you are entitled to Free School Meals PLEASE let the Office Staff see the letter received from the council as then we can inform the Kitchen staff who will put your child onto the correct register and you will not be charged.

The cost of a school dinner is £10.00 per week (£2.00 per day).

If you have to cancel a meal owing to your child’s absence from school you must telephone the kitchen on 07938794805 before 10.00 a.m. Failure to do so will result in you still being charged for the meal. There will be NO REFUND.

Many thanks for your cooperation on this and your support.

Mrs E Attwood- Head Teacher




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