Staff 2016/2017

Come and meet our welcoming staff at our school!

Staff for 2015-2016

Head Teacher: Mrs E Attwood

Deputy Head Teacher: Mrs Y Collins

Assistant Head Teacher: Mr R Singh

Assistant Head Teacher: Mr C Miles

Year 3 Teaching Staff:

Mrs N. Kumar , Miss E. Guest, Miss G. Kaur

Mr C. Miles

Year 4 Teaching Staff:

Ms K. Kurn, Mrs H. Jandu, Mr N. Hill

and Miss C. Tarbuck.

Year 5 Teaching Staff:

Miss N. Lally, Mr C. Harrison, Miss R. Kang

Mrs F. Cattell and Mrs C. Wilkins

Year 6 Teaching Staff:

Mrs F. Jalal, Mr R. Singh, Mrs M. Patel, Mrs J Wilding

and Mrs V. McCafferty

Family Support Worker: Mrs T. Botfield.

School Mentor: Mrs B. Simpson

Safeguarding Officer: Mrs J. Scott

SEN Learning Support Assistants:

Mrs P. Kaur, Mrs P. Webster and Mrs M. Shokat

Learning Support Assistants:

Year 3: Mrs S. Reynolds and Mrs S. Kaur

Year 4: Mrs L. Stuart

Year 5: Mrs N. Barkat and Mrs N. Kalsoom,

Year 6: Mrs C Stanley, Miss H Gibson, Miss A Rogers and Mrs B Tozer

Office Staff:

Business Manager: Mrs W. Davies

Admin Officer: Mrs P. Tahir

Receptionist: Mrs S. Cox

Caretaking and Cleaning Staff:

Caretaker: Mr M. Alessi

Cleaning Staff: Mrs C Bayliss, Mrs D Wellington, Mrs. K Parkes,

Mrs J. Gelding, Mrs B. Lane

Lunch Time Supervisors:

Principal Supervisor: Mrs C. Bayliss

Lunchtime Assistants: Mrs K. Sommerfield,

Miss N. O’ Shea, Mrs F. Munir, Mrs S. Begum,

Mrs S Begum, Miss S. Danks

Kitchen Staff:

Mrs R. Nunn, Mrs C Hinton, Mrs C Timmins,

Mrs S Kaur and Mrs H Kaur

Whitehall Junior Community School

  • Delves Road

  • Walsall

  • West Midlands

  • WS1 3JY

  • 01922 720778

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